The Lagendijk family

My mother's maiden name was Lagendijk. Her family always lived in the village of Charlois, now part of Rotterdam and a residential district.
Het father and further ancestors were carpenters / builders and many houses have been built by them.

From this occupation results the family coat of arms. Use the link below to read on this subject in detail.
Familie Lagendijk in 1940 Her parents grew up at the Dorpsweg in Charlois (see map below) and from there she was married to my father. 
On this picture from 1942 you can see standing from left to right:
my mother Wilhelmina (Wim) Lagendijk, my father Krijn Cornelis Horstman, my aunt Adriaantje (Jany) Luhrman - Lagendijk, front: cousin Tiny Luhrman, grandma Maria Lagendijk - Den Boer, cousin Miep Luhrman, my sister Selma Horstman and grandfather Jan Lagendijk. Uncle Dirk Luhrman takes the picture.
My granddad and grandmother grew up as neighbour kids at Dorpsweg no. 10. 
The following detailed maps show clearly how the village changed in a relatively short period:
Charlois in 1875, time stood still: Charlois in 1918, the progress of Rotterdam is overwhelming:
Charlois in 1975 Charlois in 1918

And this is the link to our Lagendijk family tree
Our complete genealogy and the family coat of arms has been extensively researched and documented by my nephew Jan Lagendijk.